Through its low cost solar drying for food security project, SCODE has managed to reach many people empowering them in fresh produce preservation. It is this effort that earned the organization international recognition when it scooped the energy global awards in the year 2006.

Through the period 2004-2007, SCODE provided technology related support services to the Breathing Space Fund (BSF) in Kenya. BSF is a funding mechanism supported by the Shell Foundation (UK) and aims at supporting, disseminating demand driven clean energy products and services that reduce indoor air pollution in households in Kenya.

Gender mainstreaming has been found to be an important factor that contributes towards the success of a project/organization. And for this, SCODE has made a conscious effort to mainstream gender in its programs and the organization as a whole. As such, SCODE successfully carried out a pilot project for mainstreaming gender in its ICS project.

As an organization that has been involved in piloting and implementing renewable energy projects, Scode has curved a niche in the energy sector as a reliable and credible institution. As such, we are among the implementers of the Kenya National Domestic Biogas Programme (KENDBIP) whose goal is to disseminate 8,000 bio-digesters in four years

SCODE is the focal point of the EATDN in Kenya. EATDN (East African Energy Technology Development Network) is a regional network comprising of NGOs, institutions of education and research, community groups, private companies, government departments etc. which was established in 1998 and whose goal is to reduce poverty among communities in East Africa through use of appropriate energy technologies. The network has been building the technical capacity of members to design and implement demand-driven renewable energy projects while providing a platform for information sharing.

The organization also is also an active participant in the ABC-K (Association of Biogas Contractors-Kenya): an association that brings together various parties interested in biogas technology to enable full participation of the members. SCODE was the first chair of this association.