SCODE (Sustainable Community Development services) social is a community based organization started in the year 1996 whose aim is to enable people in Kenya especially the poor, to improve their quality of life by adopting technologies and approaches that are environmental friendly and contribute towards sustainable development.

An important part of SCODE’s work is lobbying for best practices and influencing their adoption through sharing information on its experiences, approaches and lessons. This has been to a greater extent, achieved through trainings and seminars and participating in national and regional networks.

Over the years, there has been an increase in interest for Renewable Energy Technologies (RET’s) by individuals, institutions and governments the world over. The challenges posed by climate change has led institutions and businesses to rethink how they do business thereby adopting greener practices and approaches.

SCODE enterprise is a private limited company incorporated in 2008 which seeks to sustainably provide innovative, diversified, high quality market-driven Renewable Energy Solutions and Sustainable Land Use Management approaches. It’s a sister institution to and taps into opportunities arising from Scodes’ activities.

Our Vision & Mission


SCODE envisions itself to be the lead NGO in the promotion and development of the most efficient and effective cleaner energy technologies and sustainable land use approaches for sustainable livelihoods of both men and women.


SCODE exists to facilitate adoption of cleaner energy technologies and sustainable land use approaches through capacity building, market development and applied research for enhanced livelihoods of both men and women.


Projects Completed




People Empowered


Ongoing Projects